Infrastructure that scales.

On demand infrastructure and support specializing in Automation, Internal Tooling, DevOps, and Rapid Development.

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Continuous Integration

Deploy fast and efficiently with continuous integration from Appstantiate. We offer continuous integration solutions including automated testing, backups, deployment, language translation, and development best practices to speed up your product cycle.

From continuous to monthly deployments, we will help implement best strategies based on your workflow and team size.

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Containerization and configuration management are just a couple things we do well. Spin up resources as needed to save on cost allowing your infrastructure to scale.

We leverage the latest technologies around infrastructure as code.

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Cloud Migration

Let us handle the planning and implementation involved in cloud migration. Scalable infrastructure is key to growth. We are experts in the frameworks and services that will make the switch as seamless as possible.

Migration solutions that allow your business to leverage cloud pricing in the most effective way to reduce overall cost and increase efficiency.

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Test Automation

A robust and scalable test automation framework will allow your team to build features quickly with less concern over regression, providing full confidence to deploy regularly.